“Perfume takes Austinite on journey toward wedding, writing a book”
  Profile in the Austin American Statesman
"Coming to My Senses" – Video Interview with Alyssa Harad
  Patty White of The Perfume Posse talks to me by Skype–a first for me.
“On the Scent: An Interview with Alyssa Harad”
  Poet and perfume writer Elisa Gabbert and I talk at length about scent, pleasure, feminism, language, pretension and the connection between perfume writing and the liner notes on old jazz LP’s.
"Heaven Scent: Perfume-Paired Dinner at Woodward’s Garden"
  The Bold Italic did a lovely write up of the Scent Dinner I put on in San Francisco with Chef Dana Tommasino of Woodward’s Garden featuring five California perfumers.
“Well, this stinks – or does it? Author paints fragrant picture that columnist can’t imagine”
  Anosmic Austin American Statesman columnist Andrea Ball and I had a great talk about what she was and wasn’t missing by being born without a sense of smell..
"A Nose for Roses"
  The Houston Chronicle reports on my collaboration with the Antique Rose Emporium.