Hanging Out In New York This Week, and A Question Regarding Those Unnamed Perfumes in Coming to My Senses


I’ll be hanging out in New York this week so if you want to come along for the ride head on over to my Twitter feed. So far there have been pics of the new Serge Lutens bell jars, a visit to the Dior counter to smell the elusive PrivĂ©e Collection (which we’ll have to talk more about when I get back) and an unexpected but fabulous Peruvian parade.Oh, and one perfect bright raspberry lipstick.

The next few posts will concentrate on the unnamed perfumes in Coming To My Senses. It’s not going to be practical to do a post for each and every unnamed perfume, so after I cover the ones of major importance I will probably do a round-up post, and then put a permanent chapter-by-chapter breakdown with links on the part of this site dedicated to the book. Along the way we’re going to have a little fun and do some more giveaways and such.

So. A question for you all: What are the perfumes you want named? I’m especially interested to hear about any I just mention in passing and might overlook. I know this has been driving a few people crazy and I am here to make it up to you. Slowly, but truly.


Image: Eugene de Salignac, Workers on Brooklyn Bridge

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  • ggs says:

    The “honey” one that had V following you around :)

    • Alyssa says:

      Hi, Gail. If you look to your right in the “previous posts” list you’ll see ine titled “That Honey Perfume.” Happy reading. :-)

  • karen says:

    Looking forward to these posts

  • Wendy says:

    I was fascinated by all your descriptions and kept hoping that there would be an appendix in the back of the book to explain everything. btw, have you read The Book of Lost Fragrances? I think you would love it if you have not.

    • Alyssa says:

      Hi, Wendy. That’s what I’m hoping to supply in the next couple of weeks. I was just reluctant to do so in the book because perfume is reformulated and discontinued so quickly. I hated to think of people rushing out to smell (or even buy) something based on my description, only to find it no longer existed or smelled completely different. Plus there was the even trickier issue of how the perfume smelled to me at the time I fell for it (which is often what I’m describing) versus what I think of it now. I wrote about that a little in my post on Botrytis (That Honey Perfume).

      But I’m probably overthinking things as usual. :-)

  • Kandice says:

    I’d like to know which JAR fragrance you ended up choosing as your favorite and which one you smelled first. (I seem to recall that you didn’t care much for the first one you smelled but then you reconsidered.) Thanks so much! Have a great time in New York!

  • dabney says:

    I would love to know the ‘Elegant One’ your brother’s wife was married in..

  • dabney says:

    and, and..the ‘tender one’ a few pages on..

    • Alyssa says:

      Yes! I have a draft of a bigger post built around that one, but I’ll just do the reveal and come back to it later.

  • Ayala says:

    Alyssa –
    I’m so excited that you’ll be doing this! For some reason, I feared you will NEVER agree to reveal them ;-) Yay!
    My favourite passages in the book are the successions of anonymous perfume descriptions on pages 12-13. Some of them I can guess, but some I have no idea what they could be.
    And – there is the elusive honey scent that you keep mentioning all over the book, but I have no idea what it is. I keep imagining it as Obsession parfum extrait, but I am pretty sure I’m wrong…
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion and stories in your book, and for keeping it going on your blog. Can’t wait to read what else you’ll come up with!
    Oh, and I LOVE the photo you chose to illustrate this post.

  • Alyssa says:

    Hi, Ayala! As I told Gail up above, I’ve already written a post about That Honey Perfume–it’s called just that and you can find the link in the archived posts in the right-hand margin. Enjoy!

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